Month: April 2002

Tomorrow will be the auction out at the farm. All of my grandparent’s tractors, cars, farm equipment will be sold. […]

Middle East NY Times: America Can Persuade Israel to Make a Just Peace, by Jimmy Carter – After reading this, […]

Blogging Ernie the Attorney : Searching for Truth & Justice (in an unjust world) – an excellent blog by a […]

Middle East I’ve been doing lots of thinking on the situation in Israel/Palestine, and lots of arguing. It is such […]

Civil Liberties MSNBC: Is digital copying about to die? — The Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act would put […]

Science MSNBC: New species of whale discovered – Stories like this one make me stand in awe of God’s great […]

American Indian Issues I forgot where I found this online, but it is some of the best satire making fun […]

Regional: Oklahoma Today while editing on I found The Minco Community website. Minco is my Dad’s hometown and is […]

Middle-East I received this via email from Eric Johansson. Eric is a veteran who now lives in San Francisco, CA. […]