Month: May 2002

My mini-garden in Newcastle (a few flower beds around my home) is doing well. I’m especially excited about my bluebonnets. […]

I posted some new thoughts on my politics blog. They really fit better here, but oh well I posted them […]

More time flies by, and few posts to this blog. Partially it is because I’m too busy to post, but […]

Music: Ok, I lied. I’ll do headlines sometimes. When I feel like it. The Psalters – If you’re going to […]

NY Times: Who get the death penalty? An op-ed by Bob Herbert – The Smoking Gun brings you exclusive […]

Website news Well folks, as you can see I’m having a horrible time keeping this thing updated. Part of the […]

Time: The Matrix Reloads — It’s high kicks, high tech and high concepts, as we peek inside the two Matrix […]

Thanks to Kimberly for pointing me to these next two stories… NY Times : Boxers, Briefs, Mochas NY Times: Risking […]

God refloods Middle East MSNBC: GM adds plant to focus on fuel cells Austin Chronicle: Keeping the peace — Round […]