Month: June 2002

Regional: Austin I found a very interesting website today for the Austin Monorail Project. While the Simpson’s “Springfield Monorail” episode […]

Law AP/Yahoo: Supreme Court Rules on Bus Searches – I had been following this case as it weaved its way […]

Reuters: Tough China Web Rules Force Cafes Underground — I can not believe that the Chinese fascist regime has closed […]

ok, I lied. I do have one quasi-political link to share from MSNBC: S.C. troopers set to block plutonium This […]

Music: Thanks to Kimberly, I’ve discovered Fleming & John. It is some of the best and funnest pop music (in […]

Politics still sucks. What can I say really? Nothing really changes. It’s all a big money game. Maybe I’m sickened […]