Month: October 2002

Social Justice: I received this chilling message from a Christian Peacemaker Team in Hebron, Palestine: CPTnet October 31, 2002 HEBRON: […]

Random: Weather here in Oklahoma is wickedly cold. Thankfully it looks like it won’t freeze after all (I still have […]

Oklahoma Politics: NewsOK: Online Video of Gubernatorial Debate at OSU – a pretty decent debate. This debate solidified my decision […]

Social Justice: The Adelaide, Australia IMC has compiled an excellent list of the various O26 protest actions around the world […]

Social Justice: I’ve continued searching internet news outlets (, local and national news media, and reports from local activists) and […]

Social Justice: I am still amazed (and thankful to God) for the tremendous response to Saturday (O26)’s response to International […]

Politics and Policy: Ha ha!!! Fox”News” had to eat their words. Now they’ve turned “hundreds” into “tens of thousands” in […]

Politics and Policy: MSNBC: Thousands protest against Iraq war I was wrong in my earlier post in criticizing MSNBC for […]

Social Justice: The OKC rally against the War with Iraq was a tremendous success. I don’t know what the final […]

Music: Here’s what I’m listening to today at work… (I should be working on the church bulletin right now instead […]