Month: March 2003

Quote of the Day Extract from a letter by J.R.R. Tolkien to his son Christopher: 10 April 1944 I sometimes […]

This weekend These last few days have been blur. The Muskogee protest on Friday was intense. It was everything I […]

The Cost of War NY Times: Pictures of the aftermath on yesterday’s cruise missle strike on working class Baghdad neighborhood. […]

Peace/War MSNBC: Fired up by TV, Iraqis return to fight — From Jordan, exiles vow to take up arms Boy, […]

The Oklahoma Peace Movement OKIMC: Little Saigon, OKC War Protest & Counter-protest (Photos from today’s OKC street corner protest)

US attacks residential neighborhood with 2 cruise missles NPR this morning and MSNBC are both reporting that at least 14 […]