Month: April 2003

Random Chris in Mongolia – A fascinating blog. Read her April 16th entry about her overland journey from Beijing to […]

Getting religion during finals… Thanks to Aaron‘s recommendation, I’ve rediscovered I dig what they’re doing (a post-modern church, very […]

Random: Good to remember this when you read these stupid law decisions. The judges don’t know what they’re doing either. […]

Austin Here’s some more links on one of my favorite movies of all time Dazed and Confused (set in 1976 […]

My Civ Pro Outline – Download it now Download in Word .doc format — This is for Professor Von Creel’s […]

L-school Update Listening to lots of Godspeed you Black Emperor today. It seems appropriately bleek for my descent into hell […]

Austin Gene Chapman’s Blog – Gene Chapman is on what a death-fast in front of the IRS regional offices in […]