Month: May 2003

Dazed and Confused!!! Lots of stuff on my favorite movie of all time. . . Austin Chronicle: Most Likely to […]

Bluebonnet Links Here are some interesting resources about techniques for growing bluebonnets… The entry for Bluebonnets Ferry Morse is […]

Photos from May 27, 2003 These photos are better than my May 23 pictures (I figured out to use the […]

Photos from May 23, 2003 Looking through the gate Here (and in the next shot) you can see the paths […]

What I’ve been up to lately… Sorry for my lack of posts of late, but I just haven’t felt in […]

The Matrix. . . Reloaded I finally saw it tonight and am still realing from the experience. It is so […]

Pictures with my digital camera I went ahead and splurged today (but one that I’ve been planning for months) on […]

Light in a dark world – a ministry to men involved in prostitution Reading about this ministry is such […]

Random An artful flyer from a Miranda Stone concert from – satire Content & Context — The Books […]