Can someone out there in internet land send me a copy of the homosexual agenda? Surely one of you gays out there can send me a copy. (I’ve heard HOMOSEXUALS get a free copy when they come out of the closet, from the SECRET CONSPIRACY TO TURN YOUR KIDS GAY)

I’ve been looking for it everywhere and would love to get a bonafide copy of it. I even did a google search for it, but apparently no one has an actual copy of it.

Well except for Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern, which totally isn’t fair. Why does she get a copy of the gay agenda and I don’t? (I know, I’m not gay, but she isn’t either)

Seriously, this isn’t fair. I have lots of gay friends. Why haven’t one of you shared a copy of it with me. Why does Sally Kern get all of the fun?

I’m sure it must be a titillating read, based on how excited she is about it.