Oklahoma Health Care Reform Rally

For the most part I was very proud to be there. My only qualm was that there was a sizable number in the crowd who thinks Obama can do no wrong (the “Change Oklahoma” folks mostly). I have a hard time stomaching that belief. He has already broken so many promises (the biggie being not closing down Gitmo within year one of his presidency) that is hard to take him seriously at all anymore. Unless something changes, he’ll throw the public option under the bus too.

But otherwise the rally was a beautiful thing. So proud to see so many march in the rain for justice.

Also I want to give a special shoutout to State Rep. Anastasia Pittman (my Democratic party opponent when I ran in ’06) and State Senator Connie Johnson. I so appreciated their speeches, but especially Connie’s because she said straight up that part of the problem with health care in this country is the WARS and that the wars are draining us dry, not just in the fighting of the wars but also in the rampant corporate profiteering. She is right. If we would end the wars, we could easily afford quality universal health care.

Also I was proud of the folks from my church (Joy Mennonite) who made the walk. About 1/3 of those present for the potluck lunch joined in the march, which was quite encouraging.